In the days after the World War II migrant families left war-torn homelands in Europe to settle in Australia. Many came to Bankstown area and the population in 1954 was soon in excess of 102,000. It became apparent that a Catholic Church was needed to cater for this influx as being a Catholic meant worshipping at Lakemba,  Punchbowl and Bankstown.

Fr Lawrence Corridon, Parish Priest of St Felix Bankstown gave permission to purchase a 3 1/2 block of land at the corner bounded by Rawson Road, Pandora and Tempe streets and plans were then put in place for the building of a Church/School and a new Parish was underway.

The official opening of the new Church/School of St John Vianney took place on Sunday 29th April, 1956 with Fr Thomas Berkery as Parish Priest.

Fr Thomas Berkery was replaced by Fr Leo Walsh and plans were made for a new Church for a fast growing parish.

Fr Walsh died and was replaced by Fr Joseph Croal Parish Priest.  He had a special devotion to St Thomas More and when the new Church was opened and blessed by Cardinal Freeman on 3rd November, 1974 that saint was added to the Parish name, but not to the school.

Fr Leo Murphy was appointed Parish Priest and in 1981 the Parish celebrated its Silver Jubilee with a special Mass.

Fr Kevin English was appointed Parish Priest. His forte was bible study and singing. He was well known for his prayer meetings, and healing which attracted many from outside the Parish.  Fr English contracted a terminal illness and died on 14th February, 2002.

Fr Terrence Millard became Administrator and soon after as Parish Priest. It was a popular appointment having been a local boy coming home.

The parish celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

From October the Parish has had Administrators. Fr Maurice Thompson was the first, followed by Fr Colin Mason and then from 1st September, 2015 by Fr Xiang Feng.

Fr Xiang Feng went to military chaplaincy service. and for few months this parish has hosted Fr Graham Mc Intyre. On the 1st of December Fr Pasquale Pizzoferro was appointed Parish Administrator for a term of one year.

To Fr Pasquale term was renewed for a period of 3 years.

During this year quite few things happened. on the 1st of February a strong storm felled a beautiful Pine tree on the back of the church. Likely no one was there. Fr Pasquale began a campaign for the removal of tree and debris from storm damage. After the generosity of the parish community few projects were able to be accomplish.

  • Moving of container from grassed area.
  • Concrete slab area at back of the church.
  • Landscaping and planter boxes in church grounds.
  • Air-conditioning works.
  • Backyard works in the Presbytery.
  • New LED energy saving lights in the Church.
  • Replacement of carpet in the Church.
  • Painting of Church ceiling.